POBphotocontest New Round: DECORATIONS

This post is my entry for the new #pobphotocontest round. Theme for this week is decorations, and as we still didn't put any Christmas and New Year decoration yet (out Christmas is after New Year, so we put decoration little later) I chose to add some photos from 2 years ago. That year actually I was in charge of decoration in our home, so I am even more proud with the decoration. It took so much time, but it was worth it. Looked so good and different, as I wanted it. As you can see on the photos, out Christmas tree was made only from ornaments and it was hanging from the ceilling. It was fun until ornaments started dropping after some time, in the middle of the night. But of course, I didn't put any glass made ornaments, so no damage was done. I added 3 photos, but first one is my entry photo for the contest.

This post is also entry for #hiveblopomo challenge.

Thank you for reading my post ^^

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