The Centerpiece

It was a beautiful May day, when I went into the city center with my Swedish friend Sofia. We walked, talked and perused old haunts as my friend used to live in the city center. We also went back to her old neighborhood on the Brouwersgracht. The houses on this street are characterised by the colourful shutters by the windows.

When I saw the POB Contest with the theme COLOURS - I immediately thought of the many colourful flowers photos that I've made. However, Sofia will be visiting again this weekend. As a result, my mind wandered away from the flowers and sauntered over to our last time together.

Our walk took us from the city center to the Museum quarter. Any visitor to Amsterdam knows that that is quite a trek; almost 7 kilometers. We were passing the lovely Conservatorium Hotel and thought it was a good place to rest our weary legs, whilst enjoying coffee and cake. Upon enter the building, we were greeted with this lovely colourful and creative centerpiece.

We paused for a while to enjoy the beauty of this installation but also to analyse it.

  • The hanging violins seemed very fitting as the hotel was previously a music school but now it's a special landmark.
  • The tulips in the tulip painted vases below the violins - typifies everything dutch as the tulip is the national flower of The Netherlands.
  • The tulip painted vases was a smart way to create the illusion of many tulips with a variety of colours

I was armed with only my iPhone as usual. I walked around the centerpiece, trying my best to make a good photo although light streamed in from the street.

It was not so easy as the lobby was not so bright. I did my best as I wanted to remember this centerpiece/installation. Soon other visitors came along to enjoy the beauty of the centerpiece as well.

It was my cue to leave when a hotel worker came along to remove the balloons, which seemingly did not belong there. They did add a bit more color to my photo however.

Sofia and I had a nice welcome to the hotel. However, it was time to leave the lobby. The creative centerpiece/installation had already started our enjoyment of being in this stylish hotel. Now it was time for coffee.

This is my entry to POB PhotoContest - New Round with the theme COLOUR.

All photos are my own and taken with my iPhone SE2020

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