Sow more to reap more

Massive adoption of Social media has created a lot of career path for people. One of the career made possible by social media is influencing. No form of skill is needed for someone to become a social media influencer. You only have to grow your audience. Anyone with a large number of followers on social media can be an influencer.

People are attracted to people. Even in real life, when you see people gathering in large number, you will likely want to find out what is going on there. Out of curiosity you might go closer and as a result of going closer, you'll end up adding to the number.

There's a trick deployed by tricksters to lure their prospect. They will troop out en masse to an area with large population. On getting there, they'll pretend to be playing a gambling game and winning some good money for themselves. Passers-by would certainly go closer. The game comes in different format. The most popular one is the use of three match box. What a person need to do is to touch the one that contains a match stick, which might be non. When the innocent ones watch the game for a long time, they will decide to stake their money. That is how people have ended up losing the money they wanted to use and get gas, food or even medicine. It's been on since time immemorial but people keep falling for it.

This is a bad example but we could learn a lesson from it.

A crowd will attract a larger crowd.

That is why it is difficult to have large following at the initial stage. Growing your following as a starter is no child's play, but as a soon as the following gets to a sizeable number, there will be a ripple effect.

I remember listening to a testimony of a popular YouTuber. While narrating her growth process, she made mention of how it was difficult for her to have ten thousand followers. It took her longer than she expected to hit that mark, but as soon as she did, a ripple effect occured, in less than no time a hundred thousand followers was underway.

It is just how life works. Little will bring little. More will bring more. This cut across virtually everything.

If you invest more, you'll likely get more return, if you invest little, you'll likely get a little return on your investment. It's no magic. It is a simple math. You don't add one to one and expect one hundred.

My last month experience in here is a good example. I am a school teacher. That entails lesser blogging time. But due to school holiday, I invested more time on Hive last month, which was the month of August, as expected my earning increased. School resumed last week, and that last was one of my all time low as far as commitment to the platform is concern and my earning unsurprisingly dropped.

In this aspect "what you sow is what you reap".

Even in the Bible Paul said that he who sows sparingly will reap sparingly and he that sows bountifully will reap bountifully.

So; sow more to reap more.
Your time, talent, skill, brain, strength, money etc are all seeds.


The question is; how much of it are you willing to sow? And what and where are you gonna sow into?

Influence can be personal. Putting more effort into anything means you are influencing that thing the more.

It's Monday morning. A day to begin again and a new week to show up again.

Which aspect of your life do you desire a better result?

Investing more time and other resources on it, might just work the magic you've been looking for.

It's your comrade in the journey called life and this is my way of saying, good morning and happy new week.

A sequel is underway.

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