Are you a better seeker than a keeper?

I lead a busy life. By the way, I believe that a bit of busyness is needed in life for the overall well being of a person.

Don't get me wrong, I also believe that it is good that we get to have time for ourselves. A time we don't do much, but tending only to things that gives the body some form of pleasure. We all need a time off.

But having all the time on earth, without engaging yourself in any form of productive venture is idleness. And I hope that you are not expecting me to tell you what is usually said about an idle man?

I have a friend who equally lead a busy life, but due to how we enjoy each other's company ( at least I know that I do enjoy her's), we do make out time for ourselves. We have made out time for each other for several times for me to have commonize the sacrifice and downplay the significance of the time we have been spending together.

But each time we get to speak, I do tell her;

"thank you for your time. I cherish every second of it."


That might sound like a cliche, but it isn't to me. I truly do cherish those sweet moments.

I don't want to ever feel entitled to her attention till a day after eternity. If we keep on talking, I will still count her attention as a prized asset that is not to be taken lightly.

Infact I once told her that I don't ever want to get use to her attention. I want to continue seeing it for what it is_ a privilege. Privilege is what it is.

Is it not funny how some of us will go to any length to get someone's attention, but as soon as the attention is gotten, we start downplaying it? We don't act as though that attention is what we once craved.

We can do just about anything to lure someone into a relationship with us, but end up not valuing the relationship.

We can sing of how we are missing a particular person, only to end up disrespecting the same person, minutes after we've actually met.

Aren't we better seekers than keepers?

When we need a thing, we chase after it with all our might, but as soon as we get it, we begin misusing it.

Why look for what you wouldn't value?

Why try to own what you'll only end up misusing?

Why need what you wouldn't cherish?

Relationship does not have the propensity of dieing a natural death, it is usually killed by the party involved.

The murdering process might be so subtle that the concerned persons might not be able to know their contribution.

But let me tell you for free.

When we stop appreciating what we once appreciated in a person,

When we stop valuing what we once valued in a person,

When we start downplaying people's sacrifice for us,

When what mattered no longer counts,

If any of these happens in a relationship if any kind, then it's heading for rocks.

I believe that we shouldn't only be good at looking for what we don't have, we should rather learn much more on how to appreciate cherish and value what we have.

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