Jongkak Kimchi Ghost

jongkaka ghost.jpg

Welcome to October. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting spookier in the Northern hemisphere. Look what happened to Jongkak Kimchi. He became a ghost.

Once he was a giant radish sitting in the fields of Gyeongi-do South Korea. After that he was chopped up and brought through a fermentation process with hot peppers. Now his radish spirit is back to haunt us.

He inisists that his name should be spelled with two "ee's" and no "i". And he will haunt anyone that spells his name with an "i".

Jongkak is the only bachelor kimchi. Actually another name for Jongkak is bachelor kimchi. In the ancient Choson period of Korea all unmarried men carried their hair in a pony tail like Jongkak carries his hair.

He has been called the bachelor kimchi for generations. Now the bachelor kimchi ghost is looking for Miss Kimchi. Can he find her?

Stay tuned to the progress of Jongkak's search for his missing partner.

In the meantime. How did Jongkak come into existence?

First, he was an idea in my head. Then I took a pencil and black marker and filled a piece of paper with that idea. I added a little plastic eye in the middle. I thought it might look cute.

I took a picture and put it on the open source sketchbook software then began to color. I filled in orange and green and white and red. The problem was I had one spot of background that didn't get colored. I painted it green and then used an airbrush to paint an orange cover.

The eye looked kind of sick. I thought about making it cute but I only have a mouse and the sick eye looks good on a ghost so I left it that way. The steps of my drawing are below. I may compete in the #drawlloween challenge. I'm not sure if my followers could bear with seeing my silly pictures everyday.




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