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New yam festival in ondo state at July 31th 2021 for my Pobdaily

Hi guys ,how are y'all doing today . Thanks to @dwayne16 and @marvinix for this opportunity to share my #pobdaily .
I'm from the south west part of the nigeria. The festival took place on 31th July 2020 at iwaro oka akoko which was my home town . It is usually celebrated every year . Everyone comes out which the village King and dance up to a hill in the village and pray and comes back . People dress randomly to dance and celebrate the festival . I was lucky to be present in this year festival . In the festival you'll see peoples , masquerade , priest and the village King been escorted to and down the hill

Here's a masquerade dancing around

It was all fun people moving around and there's was room for tourist to take pictures and videos . People was allowed to go the hill with them but there's a certain limit to where visitors can reach and watch them .
Everyone was dancing and singing . It was total fun and very lively


Here's another different masquerade . I saw up to five different masquerade . As each masquerade was passing guns were been shot in the air as the festival was going on . another sweet aspect of the festival was after people are back home from the hill they'll pound yam and a lovely soup and use it welcome and visitor they entertain for the day .If you're a visitor in the village you don't have to be afraid or shy . Anyone is welcome to visit anyone and fest there. I was present with this when I got home after the festival .
This is pounded yam with a local soup called (arumaba)

Best part is after everything is done the king do hold a nice get together party for everyone you wants to come around. Free drinks and food. That was how I spent my day on 31th July 2021
Thanks for reading my post guys .
Till next time .

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