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29 July 2021 Pobdaily challenge

Good evening everyone , How was you day ? I'm so glad there's another to share how I spent my day thanks to @dwayne16 and @marvinix in our #pobdaily challenge .
I woke up 8:16am . I felt hungry but I had to do some chores first which I did . It took me 1 hour 30min to complete the home chores because I swept the whole room and the bushy grass around my place . I went to mama put ... Where they sell food like rice , beans e.t.c and bought this

I ate the food and was filled up . There was something about the food I bought I noticed anytime I buy food there ... I go fall asleep after a while thou the food I do buy can be consumed by two people and everyone will be filled up . Today's owe wasn't any different after I ate the food and went to my friend's place to charge my phone because he switched on his generator . After a while I slept off for a very long time buy the time I woke up it was already 3pm . Everyone was out of the room I was alone so I washed my face and took some pictures
Here's one of the pictures I took

I waited few more minutes there . I went online to check my social platform and check some update on issues I wanna find out most especially football . After a while my friend got back to his room and asked me to escort him go get something when we go there ... He bought a shelf . It was awesome
This is the shelf

I felt so happy for him . I congratulated him and he bought me a soft drink as well for it . I didn't cook anything at night because I don't have any money so here I am in bed writing how I spent my day . Thanks for reading my post

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