What Is Worth Waiting For In Life? Anything But Not Anything

What comes to mind when you read the question? What do you think is worth waiting for in your life?

You may have never thought about this question, same here but here I am asking you the question after thinking so much on it. I got the question after a while of not being able to come up with what to write about. At first, I wanted to adjust answer the question with a "Anything good in life is worth waiting for" but I got into a deeper thought of the question when I tried to write about it.


There are really things that are worth waiting for and there are things that aren't worth the wait at all.
There are things that can only be gotten when we wait for them, things we wish to get but will only end in our wishes if we refuse to wait, what are those things? You will have to answer that question yourself.

Phew!!! I've always thought that waiting (Patience) is a great virtue that requires more from whoever wants to have it as a virtue, not anyone can just have it if they want to.

Someone was praying "I want patience, and I want it now" even the prayer is lacking patience. People are like that, we know we must wait for us to get some things but we find ourselves being impatient towards it. Patience is that difficult to portray but when we do, we never regret it if we take the right steps towards waiting.

I've never really thought of myself as one who waits to get something but in the real sense, I never really take notice of them. I just find myself waiting and I became good at it, it gets difficult sometimes but I still waiting. I wait for almost everything

  • I wait everyday to eat good food
  • I wait everyday to get good grades in school
  • I waited for my mum and she came back even though not totally
  • I wait when my friends ask me to hang out with them
  • I wait to be successful in all my plans

While I do all that waiting, I engage in things that would help me get to them sooner. Maybe that's the reason of my not noticing the time I waited. All those are important things worth waiting for to me and I waited and still waiting.

I feel that once one starts feeling impatient (taking notice of time waited), it is when what is being waited for isn't worth waiting anymore.

Anything could be worth waiting for depending on each person and according to how each person understands to have waited.

My friend waited for just a day to get a new phone and I waited for more than a year to get a new phone, we were both happy for getting what we want after waiting. We both waited but the time frame was different.

Just be sure to have these thoughts in mind while you wait.

  • Will it change your life for the better? And I mean change your life mentally, spiritually, financially and even physically. Think of what you stand to gain if you really wait for it and wait without failing.

Never! I repeat never think of the negativities accompanying that life changing wait you're doing, it's surely not going to end well. Be optimistic with your wait and longing for, it's worth it after all.

Mind you, there are some things not worth waiting for. We've got to identify them according to us and avoid waiting for them, time spent is gone forever. Be sure to find out what you really know is worth waiting for in your life and wait for it without failing.

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