It Takes Some Things To Know Some Things

The title of this post may seem confusing or odd but that was what I was able to come up with to share what I have in mind. These past few days haven't been easy for me but then, I've got a whole lot of things to be grateful for.

So many things we face in lives now are product of how we faced them in our past - We learn from our reactions, our words and the choices that we make. And this got me thinking a little deeper on what I'm about to share. We know about some things through some things, what do I mean?

We don't just learn, we learn from things, from people and those things makes us value what we have learnt and known. Here are a few of those things we know through some other things.


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A person born happy, live happily till death may never really know how it feels like to be happy... The person will not appreciate happiness but SADNESS makes us know and feel what happiness really is. Each and everyone of us can testify to this: We remember our sad days, our distress, our tears sometimes and feel more grateful for the happiness we have at the moment... Sadness taught us that.


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People do have a lot of alone times, come up with great ideas in their silence mood, prays in their silence mood but some don't really appreciate it until that silence is interrupted with NOISE. Noise makes us appreciate our silent moments no matter how short those moments lasts and we get to make better choices during those moments for us and for those around us... Noise taught us that.


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This is very common among loved ones especially couples. They get so used to each other that they don't value their presence some times and then ABSENCE comes in. When people feel the absence of another, they are bound to value every little time of the person's presence... Absence taught us that.


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Imagine a life without nights and DARKNESS, it is almost sure that we would not value the light that's always there. Even God Almighty who created the Night after the day for our rest, also wants us to appreciate every new dawn and be more grateful to see light after night... Darkness teaches us that everyday.


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Only those who have fallen sick would know the true value of being healthy. SICKNESS here and there make us know the value of our health and we tend not to forget how valuable it is to be in good health. Sickness taught us that.

I believe there are more things that teaches us to know and value other things, you might want to mention some in the comments section.... I'll appreciate that.

Happy New Month Hivers!!!

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Thanks for reading!!!

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