How Much Do You Value Your Time?


Time! Time! Time!

Is it enough? Like is the 24 hours enough? I've been experiencing sleepless nights for sometime and that is because I want to meet up with so many things I've gotten myself into. I doze off and wake up to continue, depriving myself of rest and strong health because what I am doing is way more important.

Very bad of me but can I really help it? Or if it were you, can you help it? Just here thinking out loud and may need your advice on that. Well, I later get to rest after doing the work but I know it's not enough to get myself back but isn't it better than not resting at all... What's your advice on that?

Okay, back to what I'm trying pass across. Have you ever thought that "The 24 hours of day isn't enough anymore, I wish we could have a longer day to get more things done?" Because that is my thought whenever I stay up late.

Just yesterday, I had to go late to class because I fell asleep at the time I was supposed to start getting prepared for class. Imagine if it was an exam day, it would have been a bad outcome for me surely. I've been busy with so many things like preparing for my seminar as a final year student, preparing for an upcoming test and also making sure my notes are up to date before the next class, writing assignments and also finding time to write post on Hive and here on read cash. That's one hell of a busy lady I am, I feel like sleeping is a waste of time for me... Can you imagine that?

Well, this post is for me and for you reading this that time will never be enough for us to do all we plan to do. Some things just need to be let go so we could have our rest because the sad truth is, "A time lost is gone forever" so be sure not to waste so much of your time not caring for your health.

I know someone who was known to be a workaholic during his youth, he was so engrossed in his work that he didn't even go for check ups or ate very well and this made him fall very sick that he couldn't do anything by himself as far as to even drink water. He began to depend on people to get by daily, it was like a trauma to him because it didn't take much time before he died. Sad story but it was obvious that he called that for himself by not valuing his time.


There will always be time for us to spend but how do we spend it and how much do we value spending our time? That's the question we should ask ourselves.

Let me share some ways we could spend our time and value it to our own benefit because it's true that how we spend out time affect our lives and those around on the long run.

Take time to do your work well

Yeah, what is worth doing is worth doing well. If your work is the type that takes a lot of time to get done, start early and do it without much stress. You don't want to do a haphazard work, do it well if you've decided to work and get it done as quick as possible... Don't spend all your day's time on one thing.

Take time to rest well

After work, one is expected to have a rest to regain lost strength just so you can be more efficient on any other task. Don't wear yourself out on only one piece of work, rest if you feel you need it and get back to work again if you have to. Acting all strong all the time will only lead to a break down that you may not be able to control anymore.

Take time to read books or meditate

This one is for who couldn't sleep, try reading some good books either a hard copy or online. Or you could just lie down to meditate on how you've spent your past times and make amendments on where's lacking. These exercises help to strengthen your health and prolong your life.

Take time to spend with family and friends

These are the people who would be there for you if you ever fall sick and would need assistance when you neglect your health and spend your time unwisely but then, what if you don't find any willing to help because you've spent all your times not even checking up on them? That would be a really bad scenario. While you work and spend your time, take a few to check on family and friends... Go out to have some fun.

In essence, having fun while you can is also important. Don't waste your time, take into accounts how you spend it and be sure to spend it wisely.

I hope I've been able to tell you something you should take seriously, and start working on from now.

So I would love to read your comments on this topic, what do you do when time isn't enough for you?

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