Proof of Brain Photo Challenge - COLOURS

This week's POB photo challenge by @friendlymoose is COLOURS ! You can see the RULES HERE

The contest ends next Sunday 8pm CEST.

This is a fun photo contest with a different theme each week. If you are not already following @friendlymoose you should, so that you don't miss out on this opportunity to win some POB tokens and some Ecency POINTS. Be sure and use the #pobphotocontest tag and POST into the Proof of Brain community.


This colorful helmet was seen in an art display in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Sacred symbology of the Wixárika culture are depicted by gluing more than 29 thousand beads onto this motorcycle helmet to create a colorful design.

Beads are glued on one by one with a special epoxy glue.

I'm looking forward to seeing your colorful photos .

10% of this posts rewards go to @friendlymoose. Remember to support the communities and contests that you enjoy

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