Vote No to the PoB Downvote Proposal

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Recently announced was a new proposal to tackle malicious down votes which can be read here. As many of you know I previously held the view that Hive should remove down votes however, since investigating the topic further I have since changed my stance on down votes.

I understand that this proposal has come about to prevent a repeat of a previous incident that occured over a month ago. Since then there have been no other forms of issues arising from down voting content.

It is important to also note that the proposal does now include a definition of a malicious down vote which is good. It also attempts to put in place a mitigation process to ensure the issue can be resolved. However, as someone who has commenced down voting crap and plagiarised and bad content. The process also requests people to first engage with the offender. In my opinion this is standard practice on the block chain.

The incident that arose went on for a number of months with many raising concerns to no avail. Then the down votes commenced. The process described above did occur however, no action arose.

My concerns is that this process will limit and not prevent bad behavior and while negotiations occur people can continue to behave poorly. It also doesn't safeguard people if the person being complained about is within the leading faction.

Down votes are a vital part of the block chain that not only disincentivises poor behavior but also safe guards your earnings. When a down vote occurs it increases everyone elses payouts as it removes the offending posts rewards. This iteself acts as a deterrent to people.

I fear these changes will open PoB up to abuse and cause people to leave the community or not engage.

As someone who quite often spends a few hours on my posts I am disappointed to see others who scramble a few words together receive hundreds of PoB payouts.

Im urging people to vote NO on the proposal and help end crap content and reward authentic authors who work hard for their blogs.

I would like to thank @trostparadox for the proposal and helping address issues within PoB. We need more governance proposals to ensure change. Thank you

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