Down votes protect your investment


It's been a few weeks since discussions around Down voting took centre stage, a common debate amongst many Hive users. I'm still getting new conversations on old posts. It's something I can understand people's positions on because it is one I used to dislike and I switched my stance on it. Like me I would recommend everyone who does have questions to seek responses from community leaders and long term users of Hive as they are more knowledgeable on the position than I.

I would also recommend getting on board with flagrewards or many of the other down vote curation trails. There are even discord communities set up for it that actively work together to seek out plagiarising material and scams. Yes believe it or not there are plenty of scams that pop up from time to time. Even Hackers attempt to provide links to hack your account and Hive members have been caught out from it in the past.


Just like all investments Hive requires safe Guarding and protection from those who seek to undermine and devalue it, this can be done in a number of ways from openly cutting and pasting stolen work or constantly publishing crap content and sharing upvotes through a few friends.

Many have taken some form of odd adoption of free market in their response to Hive. Hive is not a free market it is a block chain community that runs on Votes. These votes also provide you with a say in the governance. The majority of people agree for down votes to remain to fight off bad behaviour.

Mainstream media sites have community standards and they block and delete posts. Hive tackles this in a different way, the community gets to say what they think should be on the platform. In my opinion it is done well. There is alot of content that would not make it on Mainstream platforms yet here it remains. But it doesn't guarantee it is going to be supported and endorsed by the community and if it's bad behaviour it gets down voted. Continuous bad behaviour gets accounts muted.

So I'm not certain why people continue to try and push the narrative of "my Hive I do what I want" when it is not the case.

Furthermore, Hive is minted through inflation which is what the payouts are. They are not magically minted and the more that go to scams, bad behaviour and plagiarism the less you get.

By down voting you actually increase your payouts which is why you should be actively hunting out bad behaviour and reporting it.

Quite often people's first encounter is with Hive watchers an under resourced and over used service which has a stream lined approach. A community leader or person reports the content and it is up to the person who has committed the offence to clear their name. It is a hard task. Do they always get it right? No.

I know this Because I have been slapped with down votes and violations in the past myself but once you learn about the block chain, it's operation and how it all fits together you will get a broader understanding of the importance of down votes.

So please, I ask you to get in touch with long time Hive users, learn abit more about the importance of down votes and then make a decision. Let's move on from this.

Thank you.


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