My entry for POBphotocontest ''Less is More''


Hi everyone! I am very excited to participate in a contest with such a minimalist theme.

So, my entry here is a bit special because it is not common photography that one takes outdoor.

I have taken the photography in Second Life, a virtual reality game that allows you to travel in a virtual world and even take in-game photographs.

The photo was taken during the Covid-19 Pandemic when I felt the need to break free in a virtual world.

The photo illustrates my in-game avatar sitting in silence and enjoying the calm and beautiful landscape.

I remember sitting there through my avatar and chilling a bit and thinking about how one can feel comfortable good by himself without too many people around but still in an alternate peaceful reality.

More specifically, it was a moment I was craving about some peaceful corner of nature without the house agitation and considering you couldn't actually go outside because of the lockdown, that was the perfect spot.

Me standing there, the view...that's when I decided this very insightful moment would need a photo to be taken.


I hope you enjoy my post and maybe consider being part of the contest. You can have more information about it and join it right here


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