If you don't hold good cards, play those you hold well!


Hi everyone! I was thinking about one of my recent Splinterland Games while reading a quote attributed to Josh Billings

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.

And here is the battle:


My Splinterlands Battle Link:

As you can see, my opponent used Golden cards - some of them I barely know or didn't rent them yet from the market. However, I used basic cards and some strategies, and fortunately, I have won the game.

It does happen sometimes that I am in the place of my opponent.

So, I guess the morale will be to master well the cards either basic or more advanced ones.

I think it is similar to the ''game of life''. You can be happy with what you've got even if it is not the best and still acquiring great things. Or you can just sit on top of the best things without cherishing them enough.

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