The Potential in you


****Let me ask ,
What did you call yourself?
What place did you put your self?
What potential did you have?***

These are the questions we should ask ourselves, these are the things we should think of during our privacy, because it the the advice you give to your self that matters.

Some times we always feel discouraged about what is being said to us by others, but let me tell you today, what you think about yourself matters most and how you see yourself , other thoughts is nothing to be compared with yours.


when you loose hope on yourself,it will be very difficult for you to achieve success. Don't belittle your self, don't look down on yourself. Just think of negative things about your self. Even when you're labelled a failure see yourself achieving the success already.

I talked about this in one of My article, It is not over until it's over, you keep on trying. Your best is not yet your best untill you achieve your goals, I was called downgraded but I just try all my efforts to go beyond the ground and my results change the whole story of my life,I made it possible because I believe in myself.

What place did you put yourself? Always think to be successful, place your self in a high esteem, see your self that you're already in the midst of the successful people, be determined to reach your goals, but success will never come to you when your arms are fold.

What potential did you have? Have your discover your potentials? Did you know that there are some hidden potentials in you, if you did not discover it, you will remain where you are, you will never move forward , you will never move back ward, but rather you will stand still. But when you discover it , you will explore, but you must work hard to discover it, to become a successful man is not a day job, you have to be persistent

Yeah! as a blogger, you might think that things are not working for you, you might be wondering why others are making it happen and you are not even recognize, now let me ask you...
Did you put in your best in whatsoever you do?
Did you do the needful?

So it time for us to tighten our belt and sit right, and think about the way things will work out , it all lies on you.

And if you're the type that has been working hard and it seems nothing is happening, Don't loose hope, just have the courage and believe that you will be celebrated one day never loose hope.

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