The new pob ads might be good for the pob token price in time - but use caution.

So we now have POB ads all over the site, banners, sides and in-between posts - They are somewhat intrusive but since it is for the benefit of the site I am choosing not to use adblock and letting them run.

One thing that has not escaped my notice is most of them are trying to get you to sign up to Crypto Dice/gambling sites. Now I don't know if this is just due to my search history but I assume others are seeing the same thing.

This is a highly risky sector with many many exit scams.

Ads can be fine, But I would ask those who value their hard earnt moneys and tokens to exercise caution.

Google is your friend here, google what you are about to click first. I assume many of these ads are running referral schemes and if you join the person whos paying for the add will get a % of your bets in commission, Nothing wrong with that, Referral systems are well used.

But it is something to be carefull with.