My pledge to the proof of brain community

brain powerup.png

I am going to make a pledge to the entire community here - and also talk of how I would like to grow my account here on proofofbrain.

As of now I am the rank 21 stake holder of proof of brain, and whilst i realise this is not high compared to some stakes I do feel a sense of responsibility also.

For the first time Ever I find myself wanting to create content, not just post a few words and wait for rewards but actual content - This tribe has me thinking more about what I post, spending more time reading others work - and also I feel adding to the community more than I have done elsewhere in the past.

So here is my pledge to proofofbrain.

I will be posting ALL topics from the proofofbrain front end for maximum SEO

I will be using my stake to upvote quality work, and on the odd occasion downvote plagiarism when I can be sure its not the writers own work.

I like engagement, I like my writing to be recognised via upvotes - If you upvote my work and support what I am doing you can be sure that ALL my author rewards will be staked, for at least the next 12 months! I wont be selling a single author reward.

Every single coin I earn bar my burn posts will be staked! I am here for the long term, I am wanting to be a founding member of the community and build up an appropriate stake, To do that I need your help.

If you like my posts or what I do please carry on supporting me, and be assured whatever my posts earn I wont be selling a single token onto the market for at least 12 months by that time proof of brain will have flourished or faded - but either way I will remain diamond handed. I offer my opinions , my analysis and whatever small stability I can bring to the POB ecosystem.

Lets make POB something amazing.