Carnival Power Up! - March/2022 #HivePUD


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This is my entry to the March/2022 #HivePUD Day!


It's Carnival in Brazil! And, here in Hive, it's Power Up Day!

During February, I was able to earn some extra money in "Real Life", and decided to invest this unexpected windfall on Hive. Thus, I was able to buy about 950 $HIVE on Binance and transfer it to my Hive Wallet 🤑

Because of that, this month I'm being able to Power Up 903.811 Hive, almost doubling up my current Hive Power!


I'm still with 200 Liquid Hive in my Wallet, and will invest them in Hive-related assets, like purchasing some Splinterlands cards and some Tokens (like $LOLZ, $PIMP, $SPT and $PGM).

I wish everyone a great March, and hope that the war in Ukraine ends soon so the world can be at peace again!

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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