Today, Bali is Opens for Foreign Tourist

Finally, the long waiting news and move from the authorities have come for most of the Balinese and the heart of Bali economies. The government has announced that today Bali is officially open for foreign tourists. But with such a strict measurement taken to prevent another wave of the covid outbreak.


For the moment, only tourist from 19 countries is allowed to directly come and visit Bali through Bali's Ngurah Rai International airport. Those countries include Suadi Arabia, New Zealand, Japan and China, and some other countries which have a good rate of vaccination and a low positivity rate.

The measurement taken is that all of the tourist coming to Bali has to have two shot covid vaccine, and also agree to undergo a 5 days mandatory quarantine. All the expenses have to be provided and paid for by the tourist themselves. They have to agree not to leave the place they are quarantined, as deportation is the punishment waiting if they break it.

The government also allowed tourists from other countries to visit Indonesia or Bali, but they have to come through Jakarta and done the quarantine there before being allowed to continue the journey to Bali and enjoy their vacation in the quiet paradise island.

But will you spend your money to visit a faraway island and waste your time being quarantine?

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