Too Close For Comfort - POBphotocontest

I love taking random pictures, nothing excites me more than that, hehehe. Sitting back, scrolling through my photo gallery and seeing all the beautiful photos I captured with my phone makes me happy. Although do not come out as cool, perfect or captivating like those from a professional, I still value them, they bring memories each time I look at them.

So for this week's #pobphotocontest, we are required to share Close-up photos. When I saw the topic, I wasn't quite clear on the topic since close up has different meanings and since he didn't share any photo for clue, hehehe.
But after making some searches, I was able to get a clue and here's my close-up photos of a lizard. Funny, right?, hehehe.

I got home back from work this evening and after shifting the curtains to open the windows, I saw this lizard sitting or hanging pretty on the window's net. I was like, what the heck is this lizard doing on my window, lol. So I slided the almaco window hoping that it will climb away upon hearing the movement of the window, but no, it didn't move an inch. I wonder why it didn't, probably it's tired and needed to hang in there and rest or because it was getting dark. You know they rarely move around in the dark.

I thought of shooing it away because I don't like seeing them around. They're just creepy and stubborn but decided against it. Rather I just stood looking at it and bang the idea came. - this will be a good photo for the pob contest,. Immediately I went to work, snapping it a different positions.

I actually snapped the pictures from inside my room that's why you're seeing the down part of the lizard. See how it's looking on the net as if the body has wire guaze. Can you see how long the tail is plus the long slender fingers like it fixed nails. I'm guessing this might be a female lizard, lol.
Did you also notice how the tip of it's toe nails gripped the window net? Those nails are for support that's why lizards hardly fail down when they're in motion or still just like this one.

There's also another thing about this lizard you need to look at closely- the brownish - creamy color of its jaw. I hope you can see the beautiful color made by the combination. This is another great work of nature and it is wow.

This is the closest I've gotten to a lizard in o long time now. I see them everyday but you know they don't let you get close for fear of being captured...

Now when I say I live in the village, this is one of the reasons. Here lizards are everywhere and they don't even take permission to climb the walls of your house and even the ceiling, and their disturbance is on another level, hehehe.

Many thanks for reading and I hope you like the photos. Please let me know.

Still the #threadsaddict 😂

All images are mine taken with Infinix Hot 10i phone
Location - Aba, Nigeria

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