Stake,stake and stake,my cry to all users (A new bies guide)

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On my way this morning going to gym and I have to stop for a while cause lot of things was just coming to my brain and i was field with joy aside the fact that @onelalfa.pob voted my content which really makes me feel good and actually boast my confidence.It also makes me feel that more is to come from the platform with good intentions too.As a new being does the word stake,stake and stake makes any meaning to you or are you just soley concerned about making pob and selling for cash, Incase you have the mindset of making pob and selling for cash,you are getting your presence here wrong .

It is almost a week now that @amr008.pob engagement as come to an end and it is now looking like some hive users hopes as gone down just because all they feed on is the engagement and the worst part of it is that they have been selling out all what they have gotten from the engagement for the past six months with no investing mindset making it looking like they have eaten up their tomorrow already and giving them no chance to earn anymore since the engagement as come to an end.

Having a better future here on hive does not only comes by coming to make good content alone,but by buying the future you want for yourself via staking,it is of my greatest believed that staking is the only way to earn better and to plan a better future ahead,it is widely clear that pob price is not really at the level of which most investor's want right now,but my believe is that it is still going to be something that the world will be shocked about in time to come,no one ever believe or foreseen most of the tokens that as increased in value massively today where they are right now back then(Bitcoin as an example).

Took my time to go through the rich list once more and It was so clear that names on the rich list are people who have really take their time to invest in their future by not eating up their today

The rich list consist of names like @proofofbrainio @onealfa.pob @leprechaun @richardcrill @scholaris.pob and other's too which I want to believe that they have take thier time at a point in time to invest in their tomorrow some years ago and to the level of my understanding.

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What is staking

I see this as the process of investing tokens to earn power on curations and even getting a very good returns or rewards too

Have your ever thought of what staking will bring you at all and the kind of future it will keep for you

I took my time to study those who have staked or let me use the word invested so much in the community and I got to know that thier previous hard work as earn them a very good life, which means staking will reduce the level of stress and even put an end to begging for upvote, begging for upvote is an idea I don't subscribe too at all.

Make hay while the sun shines,that is my cry to the community user's stake,stake and stake that is the only way to buy or build a better future for the communities and ourselves.

Staking will gives you the upper hand to earn more and even makes you more reliable in all the communities.It is my advice that you don't eat up your today,take your time to understand what staking pob and other token's will earn you in future to come.

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