Effect of covid-19 after winding up slowly (sharing my experience)

The question I keep asking now is when is the covid-19 era or let me say pandemic going to come to an end totally, though it is winding up slowly now,but can't wait to see an everlasting end to a disease that almost claim existence from human.

I might not be able to speak for other countries right now,but one thing that am aware and that as changed the mentality and understanding of everyone right now is that a disease managed to spread across the whole universe and affected lot of things.

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It is so sad to see how things went especially during the first phase of the pandemic,lot of life's were lost and even business collapsed,I remember a cousin of mine became jobless as a result of the pandemic till date.Aside the the fact that things actually goes wrong at that period it effect on freedom and finance is very bad,after a while I took a look at how it as affected thing in my country Nigeria


This is one thing that baffles me so much as the disease as successfully made everyone looks like stranger to each other's,it makes families start avoiding themselves too, freedom of where to go and who to go and meet or see too was taken away from us all ,I remember trying to give my daddy his glasses and he asked me to put it on the dining table that he will go and pick it himself,it sounds so bad to see how this as makes life so unbearable at that time,even though things are getting normal now in some aspect when it comes to interaction and other things,but take a look at the financial part below;

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This is where I won't stop crying and let me say if covid-19 happens to have been a human being I wouldn't have forgiven him/her for the effect the pandemic had on finances,I don't really know how much it has effect on the crypto part of finance,but am well aware of how it makes things hard locally here in my country.

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Starting from increment in transport fee,fuel hike and even high price placed on food item's,it is sad to also say that inspite of all these companies also relived their staffs from work and the cry of what will those sacked people eat or feed on keeps coming to my mind, honestly the pandemic fear and distress has reduced here in my country,but still things are yet to become normal since it happen and it is now making it look as if the pandemic is still dictating the price of life too till this present moment.

Couldn't not forget how promising business went off and even capital that are highly invested into business were not able to be recover as a result of the disease 🦟.I keep asking when are we going to stop hearing about the pandemic too and when will life and all that needs to do with it regain it strength again not only in my country,but all over the world at large.

Kindly share your view,what are the effect of pandemic even after it is winding up slowly now?

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