It is not only your actions but your reactions that show who you are!

It is not only your actions but your reactions that show who you are!


The world is full of actions by which we are judged, each of our actions shows who we are, in the place where we are the things we do will form an idea in other people who we are and what we do, we are used to look at every human work and every action of men to think and get an overall idea of who he is and based on this we form and formulate a story of that person and his role in humanity.

The point I want to make today is that many times our reactions are worth more than our actions, what do I mean? I mean that many times actions can go unnoticed, daily actions can be so common that they do not cause any change nor do they do anything for the common good, that is why we need more reactions, reactions to the need of today's world, reactions of hearts desirous of social justice, reactions to live and integrated life of humility before a haughty world full of evil.

How could we define the evil that surrounds us are also actions for this will be approved because they are simply actions? Before the evil that surrounds us we need reactions, we need leaders like that man from England, that parliamentary politician named William Wilberforce, men like him in history there were few because this man raised his voice for more than 40 years in the parliament of England against the slavery of the black race, his fight was a reaction based on the action of the sugar companies and other national agencies that oppressed these human beings and enslaved these lives in order to get a little sweet gold.

When he meditated on these kinds of stories like this man I am talking about, he reacted in such a way and his reaction was so persistent that he managed to sign the act of disabling the law that allowed the black slave trade. This small reaction caused a great world-wide reaction that so far we are reaping the fruits that it is the freedom of mankind that is at stake.

Will we react or will we simply live by daily actions?

Thanks for reading me.

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