How to Use the May 2022 Version of Proof of Brain.Blog

Let me tell you about the Proof of Brian. Blog Hive and POB front end site by yours truly, @leprechaun.


Originally based on the same Source code as Ecency, it has features absent from Ecency. What one finds a no brainer, other's may disagree with. So here they are:

Navigation Bar


On the top left hand corner there are four icons. These are Proof of Brain, Discord, Generic Hive, and Help. This is to help you get around and get into the POB Discord chat if you want.


The "Discover - Communities" item can help you discover other users or navigate to other communities.

Wallet Section

From the Wallet section you can manage your Hive, Hive Dollars both on chain and on Hive Engine. The native transactions are automatically updated.

Profile Settings

There is an additional email address, and discord id fields. So, you can look them up. Perhaps some day we will have one - click chat to Discord. If you fill in your email address, people will be able to view and click a mail icon to email you.

The about field is multiline in Proof of, it really ought to be in every site.

Viewing posts with rewards

Rewards are summed including all of the Hive Engine tokens voted for the particular post. Now, just like Ecency, you can set your currency to BTC, but unlike Ecency, if you do, the number of decimal digits wont read exactly zero for every post, because in Proof of Brain, the values are displayed with more decimal places.


You can set so your replies do not receive rewards.

Posts can be Promoted

Posts can be "Promoted" by clicking on the menu for that at the bottom of the post in the list of posts.


Click on the Promote menu and you can promote your posts.

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