Buy/Sell the BUSD/HBD pair for $1.01


Trade Dollars for a Better Cost than at Bittrex, Binance or Bitmex!

Right now, I'm buying and selling the HBD/BUSD on Ionomy. The total spread between the two is 1.8% but the exchange charges 0.25%. You can get it for a premium of 1.05% over $1.00. The trader trading with BUSD to get something else pays the exchange fee which is 0.25%, My order is for 0.8% over par. If you need to get BUSD with HBD or want to get HBD with BUSD (that you can use on the same exchange), you can there.


ExchangeTrade CostSpread With BUSD
Bittrex0.25%N/A 3% with BTC

Compared with Blocktrades, there is no BUSD/HBD pair but for example LTC/Hive has a spread of 3.5% (assuming a fee like Ionomy's of 0.3%) whatever that is. Now Bittrex has a 0.25% trading fee as well.

Many people have escaped the ridiculously high Ethereum fees using Binance Chain and the Binance smart chain. I don't recommend you use the Binance exchange though because they have a tendency to accept your money without crediting your account. All of the calls to support does nothing.

If you want to get into HBD or get out, and you have some kind of Binance enabled wallet, you can trade dollars for dollars at a cheap cost. Let me know on Discord (leprechaun#2185) and I'll add more HBD for the trade. Then you can log into Ionomy and make a limit order so you don't pay the ridiculous spread of 25%. Make sure it is a limit order. Set your price to the best available price for you. If 'buying HBD' then this will be $1.008, and if 'selling HBD' this will be $0.99.

Nobody should argue that we need to fund a liquidity pool if it takes a month to convert $1 of HBD into BUSD.


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