Brave Problems with New Front End

Before others had noticed...

it came to my attention that when using the Brave browser to view the site the page would render fine and then immediately turn into a blank page. The developer console was as about as useful as the nipples on a bull in determining how the problem manifested but there was a lot of errors when contacting the Hive-Engine servers and the problem had to be with the new code I added since Ecency works on Brave.

The outrageous treatment of control-freaks in not letting us outside, makes me think about all these parties I haven't been invited to because they haven't happened or they are done in such a hidden way and I am not yet trusted enough by those holding them. My failures to try to warn people that these vaccines are not worth the risk had left me with little hope in the intelligence of humanity. Yet, there are a few around who think as we do here on this site here.

It's ridiculous how Brave just blank-screens me for my site. It makes me want to say
How Dare You

Even though, I know it's not some evil person deciding what should work and what not. The problem and fault is mine and mine alone. So I decided to see what was going on. The Hive-Engine site was returning errors and not sending out data to the site. It turns out the site was asking it too much information. So instead of the website talking to Hive-Engine on every request like it does now, I have in the works one that asks once on the server. The server will then reuse these prices, the token information and the token configurations again and again until the server needs to be restarted.

It might make sense for it to update itself daily but I can do that on the next commit.

If I don't do it someone else will?

I have come to the conclusion that this phrase has two significant meanings. It's an excuse to participate in some harmful activity because others will do so if you don't. Forcing the people on human farms to buy a dangerous vaccine indirectly through taxes is a hell of a great business? Outrageous if you ask me, but it still is. And if Phizer didn't do it, then there would be other companies doing it. The other meaning is, as we have these corrupted most probably satanist politicians in power, why the hell didn't we at least run for office ourselves?

Can we get someone else to work on the front-end with me? Is anyone interested in working with me? Let me know. You can find me on Discord at leprechaun#2185.