Alternative Video Platform Embedding Comes to Proof of Brain

A year ago, I blogged about how video creators could use other video platforms to upload their videos. Although video creators could upload video content to these fine places, the front-ends were only supporting three sites' embedding codes. Earlier this year, thanks in part of the funding from @pobfund and your generous support in votes, I adapted the ecency software to create this new front end. And now after some working on one of the shared components used by both the software behind the new Proof of Brain front end and ecency, I have added support for more video embed codes. Because it is in the underlying code used by both software projects, ecency could potentially also easily get similar support.

Info Wars is the earliest to be "banned from the internet." Guess what? The Internet is way way bigger than Facebook, Twitter and even Google together.

Unfortunately, their shopping cart doesn't accept Proof of Brain. In fact, they don't even take Bitcoin. (sigh)

Also Brighteon, which was started by the Health ranger. You can embed with the standard embed codes into our new front end. Rumble which is the home.


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