A Call For Binance Posts


Transfer Proof of Brain Tokens

I am pleased to announce you may transfer Proof of Brain tokens in the new front end.

I didn't neglect to follow through on my statements earlier on warning users about transferring to Binance. It is sleazy exchanges like these that should have moved to Wuhan last year. It's outfits, like this one, that give cryptocurrencies a bad name.

Binance Numerous Offenses

I wish to see a documented Binance sucks posts. Link to it in the comments or make new posts with #binancesucks as a tag

  • Binance Improperly used users' funds to take over the Steem blockchain
  • Binance does not always refund your money - violating our property
  • Binance is almost constantly with Hive in maintenance mode.
  • Binance will never return any Hive Dollars you send to it

Let's Dig up Various Property Violations

Some of you have your own stories. You have written to them. It would be good to have many together with contact information for class-action lawsuits or to organize in a way to fight back.

Ways to fight back:

  • Get Binance on the "bad actor" list of Hive. With wallets linking to articles where they have refused to send back users' funds.
  • An article that links to other articles about how they have kept funds when they are perfectly capable of returning the funds.
  • A bot that links to this article whenever the body contains "Binance".

Binance is not very dependable and trustworthy these days!! [Strikethrough added by myself]

OMG Binance wants me to make a video of my transaction to get my money!

Binance is keeping my HBD

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