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Dr. Hans Neiper, a German doctor who was presented with challenges that are still unexplained by traditional medicine today, looked to nature for a means to handle all and any form of ailment more than thirty years ago.


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Mental stress is caused by anything in the body that shouldn't be there. "Non-living tissue" of any kind. Furthermore, this is essentially confined to everything that produces pain. Blockages in the head or chest are caused by biological fluid, such as coughs, nasal or bronchial problems, allergies, emphysema, or environmentally induced conditions such as lung diseases.

Stress causes blood clusters, prostate difficulties, joint soreness, ulceration, and a slew of other issues for which your doctor will declare you don't require treatment.

The Magical Enzyme (Serrapeptase)

The process of treating is the enzyme that helps the silkworm break down its shell. Dr. Neiper recognized that the silkworm, as it transforms from a worm to a moth in a very short period of time, should have something that breaks apart "non-living tissue," given that the cover is a rigid structure of dead tissue.

Dr. Neiper extracted the protein, administered it to his patients, and saw incredible results in a short period of time.

He provided it to a patient who needed a hand removed because of a clogged route. The obstruction was removed, and the guy kept his hand. He went on to say that serrapeptase broke up blood clots and caused varicose veins to shrivel or shrink.

Serrapeptase is being handled industrially through maturity to get the massive amounts required on the globe today.

The relief of pain, the management of lung issues, eye issues, ENT issues (Ear, Nose, and Throat), damage, irritation of any kind, cardiovascular difficulties, and, most importantly, joint inflammation are all possible benefits that have been realized.

There have been no negative side effects in the 25 years since it was approved by German experts.

Serrapeptase can and does solve a variety of problems that experts say are intractable.

Nonetheless, we should keep in mind that a big portion of the problems we have with our health is frequently linked to our dietary habits.

If we consume poor nutrition, we will have poor health. Check out the names when you're in the grocery store. What is the total amount of E numbers or things in the package that is obviously not real ordinary food?

Furthermore, anything labeled "sugar-free" always contains aspartame and other ingredients that are harmful to our health. As a result, make an effort to maintain healthy dietary habits.

Elective cures, many of which have lasted for an exceptionally long time, at times a very long time, have finally caught the interest of a large number of people.


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Serrapeptase is a relatively new addition to the list, having been "discovered" only 35 or so years ago. In any event, it appears to work for some people.

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