The days of Denver Dubs

I have posted on my Volkswagens before, both my Transporter Doka that I have now named Bucket and my old Bug in the US named Charlie Sheen.



While I was collecting these picture in my archives I ran into a lot of old VW pictures I took when living in Denver and working with my friend Ian on branding his VW garage into Denver Dubs and then Das Wagen. I will share a number of them today and then show some details on some projects later like doing the headliner and installing windows on a 1966 15 window Deluxe bus. We were getting our hands on a lot of cool VWs back then and having some fun too.

The front of one of the shops Ian rented out. Cars waiting to get fixed and my bug parked out front too.

A convertable we did all the seals on the top.

Ian under the dash

Ian's daily driver a 1966 split window bus

A 15 window we did headliner on and installed the windows. I have a lot of pics of this on this HD and will do a detailed post on the headliner install.

Some artistic fan shrouds around the shop

My bug in front of a weed dispensary. This was at the height of the medical weed days before legalization in Colorado. Believe it or not many of our VW customers had made good money in the weed business. Not like weed and VW ever had a shared history.

Stacking cars up in the shop.

The white car in the shop photo above a few years before Ian had prepared it to race at the Boneville salt flat for the 36hp record. This was a little before my time photos were taken by Ian or his partner.

Some white walls and chrome hub caps.

A cool food truck outside my work one day.

Most photos were taken with an old LG phone or A Canon Digital Eos Rebel.

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