POB Price Prediction - A Personal Opinion

Proofofrbrain was one of the most popular tribes in Hive few months ago, but today there are more competitors. The price of POB in the range of the lowest price in the last few weeks. POB price has gained an all time high above 1 hive. After there was "something", POB price started to decline. Today the price of POB is around $0.14 USD or 0.18 hive.

POB price prediction

In the near future, the POB price will be at its lowest point.There are many reasons. Some POB users are only hashtagers. They do not use the front end. In the last few weeks, I have also used ecency because of the slow loading of proofofbrain.io in my browser. In this case, I am disappointed.
Other reasons are that there are new potential projects in the hive that give a good return, like BEE, Pizza, and tokens on Games. Leofinance team always update their new projects. Those projects attract more hive holders to invest or buy the issued tokens. Gaming tokens play important role in the volume of hive engine transactions. Since all the investors in POB come from hive holders, some hive holders in POB prefer to choose the new potential projects.
The withdrawal of @ amr008.pob from the engagement project has decreased the engagement rate in POB. POB users should admit that the reward system for participation in engagement by @amr008.pob projects gives more rates of engagement in proofofbrain.io.

The competition is becoming more difficult.

Hive tribes are competing on one platform. New projects attract the attention of hive users. New projects like hivelist with classified ads platform, dCrops game, @hive.pizza with its roadmap, tribaldex with bee token reward for blogging, and many new projects bring a lot of hive liquid to those new projects. On the other hand, POB users who fail to get cool earnings from POB tokens will turn their attention to the new potential earning opportunities. Those are my opinions.
Besides that, there is no official statement or news regarding the update of the proofofbrain's future projects and developments. This situation will cause doubt among hive users who want to invest in POB tokens.

What should the POB team do?

I do not mean to teach the POB whales and developers. These are just suggestions. I hope this will be a consideration for the next development.

  1. Publish a whitepaper
    It is very important for the POB developers and team to publish an official whitepaper. Investors will see the roadmap. A whitepaper will give certainty about an investment.
  2. POB token utilization
    There are too many hive tribe tokens that have no value even though they have large numbers of community members. The tokens are the only reward system. To get rewards, the Hive and HBD are better reward systems. Token utilization is very important to reduce the number of liquid tokens in the market. BEE is used to create new tokens and mint NFTs. pizza token has tens of roadmaps that the team is going to achieve.
    How about the POB price? POB price will be stable at a low price because the demand is low. You can see it on the chart. There are no whales that bid for the token in the market. The traders are small players or they could be the POB hashtagers.
    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the post. This is just an opinion. You can put it in the trash if you do not agree with it.
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