Mainstream Media Called Bukele Dictator But Let's See The Fact

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If you watched video on youtube and read publications by mainstream media, you will see how horrible is El Salvador under the dictatorship of Nayib Bukele. Is the mainstream media claim true?
Watched the video! short video tells the world that Salvador people enjoy the independence day on 15 September.
Another video from Expat Mom
That's what happens in El Salvador. El Salvador is going to be a sovereign country. But what you see from the mainstream media will be different from reality. Look at this video by Vice. The title is framing "The World's Coolest Dictator".

The mainstream media tries to downgrade the freedom of the Salvadoran people by their publication.

I like his stance on criminal justice. There should be absolutely ZERO tolerance for gang violence. If you feel sorry for gang members then take them home with you.@Nikolai Lang said on the comments.

Media wants to create conditions according to their wishes by framing.

If you still believe that the media is still independent in reporting, your mindset might be in the 1990s. Today, the media creates conditions in a country based on their political affiliation. I who live outside El Salvador, will see that the people are living in fear under a dictatorship.
Second news from social media gives balanced information. If you get sick, you need a second opinion from another doctor. It is the same as when we see the news from the mainstream media. We need news from different sources. Fortunately, there are many content creators who post their videos and publications. So the information will be balanced.

Framing does not only occur in El Salvador but also in other countries. Therefore, independence journalism is needed to balance the information from mainstream media that tends to favour their affiliated parties.

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