Few days ago i had unexpected setback with my mobile phone which i use majorly as my means of contributing to this amazing platform and also read great write ups from users.
I had already started writing my submission for the Wotw contest in the paradise word. However i lost all content with the unexpected issues with my phone so I just decided to write a short piece on why this is my home.


The proofofbrain platform which is based off the hive blockchain has been home to many writers, bloggers, content curators, content creators as well as investors, whales and lots more. However for me it has been my home for some weeks now.

My day does not feel complete without me visiting the platform to read contents written by users that are vast and well learned. I enjoy reading so much about how people’s day went and how it relieves me of the pent up stress reading snd laughing at some hilarious post.

I have been a member of this platform for a while now and i can say that this has been a safe haven for we writers and also a paradise for crypto investors.

I wrote a while back how this platform has helped me out of serious situations as i converted my earnings to cash and paid for my freedom out of that situation.

It is indeed paradise. A paradise is a place of freedom, self fufilment and no indication of hinderances. I can boldly say POB is one of a kind.

Thanks for dropping by.

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Enjoy the read, kindly drop your comments.

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