Many a-times we are held down and our progress hampered just because of our fears. To some fear has made them lose the most precious things to them, some have lost confidence, self esteem and what have you just because we are too afraid or fear stricken .

Growing up as someone who overthinks everything with more emphasis on the negative aspects of anything and any action, my fear has always held me back from making certain decisions and actions. At first I didn’t see anything wrong with that but as time goes on, as i grow older and become more versed in issues of life and listening to people share their experiences i realize that i have to turn my weakness to my strength.

Fear has been my weakness all the while growing up. Facing the crown for a presentation no matter how prepared i am, i was always scared . Fear has made me lose a relationship that’d have arguably been my best. But when i came to that moment of self realization, i realized that my greatest strength lies in my greatest weakness which is fear and overthinking.

Then my thoughts changed and my mindset likewise.i am still an overthinker but what i do with all those thoughts is to imagine the worse case scenario of any thoughts, action and inaction and i brace myself up for the worse case scenario. That way i am prepared for the worst should the worst happen i wouldn’t be caught unawares.

This is not to say that I don’t have the fear, that is a big No but what it simply means is that i surpress my fear by facing it.

Fear generally is a psychological beast that grows bigger the more you run from it. You don’t overcome fear by running away from it, you overcome fear by facing it with your full chest. Most of the bravest men you see and celebrate today have fears that rivals their braveness but they fave such fears and come out today.

Naturally our mind magnifies negativity over positivity and that’s why fear exists. Because fear is a product of psychological trauma but it doesn’t have to hinder you from thoughtful progress.

The reason why some of us haven’t been able to launch that massive record breaking idea or making that important decision is because of fear.

In facing your fears today, just imagine the worst case scenario and prepare your mind that the outcome of that action can’t get worst than what you have imagined.

Have a pleasant say ahead and thank you for stopping by.

Kindly drop your comments on how you face your fears so that i myself can take a lead from such actions.

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