Seeing and listening to the life testimonies of Prophet TB Joshua a renowned man of God at his burial ceremony held last week, i was moved to deep thoughts.

This is a man that was widely castigated by a lot renowned pastors and other men of God, yet he never deterred in living his life to put smile on the faces of others. His idea of Christianity is to show love and kindness to others and he never stopped doing that until his death.

Living a simple life, he wasn’t moved to own private jets, exotic cars etc but he was always showing love to the less privileged and those in need of assistance. His Emmanuel TV outreach has touched so many lives not just spiritually but physically and materially and personally i think that’s what Christ want us to do as a Church, as believers as well. We are meant to go out and preach the gospel but not just by quoting the bible but by living it. The christians were called christians first in Antioch because the attitude and reflection of Christ was seen in them. Anywhere Christ went he was doing good and not just preaching the gospel, he was feeding the hungry and performed a lit of miracles.

TB Joshua has done his part and the world has lost a Great General in the ministry of Christ. One thing i take home from all this is that he lived a fulfilled life and people testified all over the world to how he has impacted them positively and how they’d continue in his footsteps. He has gone but he’d be remembered for the good he has done.


What would you be remembered for when you die? Let’s reflect on this as we go about our daily activities.

Thanks for stooping by to read.

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