No trash talk - Lemme show you the self-acclaimed judge, jury and executioner

Most of the time, an average Nigerian does not care about the right legal proceedings that need to be followed when seeking Justice. What you know as seeking justice is rather misused as a show of power. That's why someone can get you arrested for not saying'good morning' to him.

That's Impossible. Eh? Try Nigerians in Nigeria and see yourself spending 7 days behind bars. Lol. Just kidding.

In a normal setting, I can pick up my phone and file a report to the police. When they come over to the scene, the world does their job and possibly get me arrested despite being the caller. Note, this ought to be the case where things are done properly. But in Nigeria, I can come to somebody's house and beat the person up for no just cause. After that, I will call Police to arrest the person and they will do it wholeheartedly.

Don't you dare to ask them the outcome of their investigation before an arrest. They don't do that over here. As far as I fuel their car, they will do my bidding and look for ways to amass as much wealth as possible from the case. Of course, they are the ones that play the role of judge, jury and executioner.


I rephrase, they are the 'self-acclaimed judge, jury and executioner'. Tsk tsk!

Everyone says how secure they are to be around the security operatives in their country. But in Nigeria, we avoid them like plague.

Nigeria is that type of country. We see a lot of things that are becoming normal and we know that it's not supposed to be that way, but little can be done to correct it.

In most cases, nothing is being done to correct it. We just hope to never be on the receiving end of such abnormalities. But once in a while, even a cool-headed and overly calculative guy like myself can still get entangled with these uniformed men. Our men in Black. Paid with taxpayers money. They are personnel of the Nigerian Police force (NPF) but they act like touts.

For the record, have you heard that Bitcoin is a fraud? Not just Bitcoin. All Cryptocurrency was tagged as fraud by someone on the payroll of a government that is about to launch its token.

For someone like me who is digitally active, l found that statement to be a disgrace coming from the lips of a uniformed fraudster. Those policemen were forcefully going through people's phones in search of any Crypto-related App. Of course, many fell victim to this and were asked to transfer $600 worth of BTC individually. That marked the beginning of endless wagering and bargaining until the uniformed men got what they wanted. Though not as much as $600.

This is both funny and sad at the same time. I've always known that Nigeria doesn't have a conducive environment for a lot of things that beat its status quo.

The nation would be glad to hear that someone like me is cutting grass from compound to compound to get stipends in return. They will use me for an advert on national Television and quote, 'Nigerian youths are hard-working'. Dammit!. That's not how hard-working I want to be. No offence to grass cutters, but I have a whole world out there that is waiting to see what I've got to offer.

Well, let's end the rant here.
Thank goodness, there was no trash talk in-between the line

In case you saw any, do well to turn a blind eye. It's a new month after all.

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