It's a Birthday Delight: A sensational day for my quintessential Mum.

Just so you know, I'm feeling as if today is my birthday. Funny enough, I don't remember being this happy on any of my birthdays. Lol.

Happy Birthday To You, my Super Duper Mummy


Okay, don't rush! Let's take it one step at a time!

Today is a good day. It's Mum's birthday and I'm so so so excited to be around on this special occasion. The last time I was at home to witness this was in 2007. Now, I'm here and I'm already giving her a different taste of her special day - Starting with a birthday song. That was from midnight.

I really wish that we have a full house at the moment, but it's not possible. I have 5 siblings, but only me and the 4th child of the family is available for this occasion. Regardless of that, she got a lot of buzzes and calls from every one of us. I can feel her heightened emotions even as I'm writing this post.

By daybreak, we all prayed together. Me, Mumcy and my little Sis before everyone stepped out for their daily activity. That's it. A super-duper birthday is already done.

And dusted?

Noooooo wayyyyyyy!

Something bigger is on the way!

Here is a fun fact;

My Mum has never used a cake for her birthday. Never! But I'm here to rewrite that history!
By 4 p.m on the dot, I went to SHOPRITE to get some birthday stuff for Mumcy.

On arrival

I started my shopping immediately.

Oh, that's not me. Just somebody.
That's where I bought some beverages for Mum. Not just for today. Enough to last a whole month.

In this segment of the mall, I got to select a very nice perfume for Mumcy. Oh boy! The perfume smells nice.

And this? Ahhhh... That's Mum's favourite. I can't go anywhere without coming back with HOT bread. You know, the type that just escaped from an Oven. Haha. Very HOT!

What about the cake? Eh?

That's EVERYTHING, including the cake.

Oh, Dear! You need to see Mum's reaction. It's second to none. I'm excited and glad that I can do this much to heighten her happiness on a day like this.

Happy Birthday To You, D Fashion Madam!

Thanks Everyone For Not Missing Any Full-stop Or Comma
All image credit goes to me, myself and I.

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