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I have been actively trying to spread awareness of the things that have been happening in our temporary home- earth. It is because it has occurred to me at exactly 9 in the morning on the 7th of October in my 2nd subject- science on the topic of "extinction" that the earth is in need of immediate action.

I then thought, how will I be able to contribute to this matter? I don't have the ability to contribute by going to the wilderness and help conserve the animals or help them in any way possible nor could I contribute financially since I myself am dependent on financial support from my parents. So how in the world can I help?

The only thing I think I could contribute is by sharing this information with you and asking you and begging you to help and contribute what you can in this matter. To contribute to the place we are all living and depending on.

Two hundred years ago, there were less than a billion people on Earth. Today, there are 7.8bn and our population is still growing.

Here are 10 said to be extinct animals:

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-I've already posted a blog about the baiji dolphin and you can check it out here-

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If you are not already aware animal extinctions may be caused by natural occurrences such as climatic heating or cooling or changes in sea levels. In more modern times, however, human activity has been to blame. Habitat destruction as farming land expands and forests are cut down is the main cause of modern extinctions, along with pollution, the introduction of alien species, and overfishing or hunting. Increasingly, however, climate change is thought to be driving extinctions.

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The number of animals and resources that we depend on to live is decreasing and we are increasing. The simplest way to help is by sharing this information. Thank you and God bless you all.

(All earnings from this blog will be donated to population matters)


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