Market Friday: more photos of my boat trip and meeting two lovely tourists.

The boat trip was very invigorating and refreshing for me as the sunshine was so bright warm. The river was full of hidden strong currents. The blue sky and dancing waves reflected lots of good vibes around me. So, I enjoyed taking photos of the surrounding very much and the lighting at lunchtime was just right for my mobile camera; resulting in many photos of the same old landscapes which I had observed countless times.



The experience of the boat trip was never the same. Each trip has a unique atmosphere and mood while the weather and river also changed everyday. That’s why I could get excited every time I travel by the express boat. I always tried to get a closer glimpse of Chakrabongse Palace with a special pier by the river. Long time ago, I was invited by the owner of the palace fit an afternoon tea. But to my surprise, I was given a glass of champagne instead. It’s quite a habit for the owner to have some champagne in the afternoon.




I could hardly walk straight after that tea break. The owner should have been given the title of a Royal Princess as her grandfather was one of Princes (one of the sons of King Rama V). Because he married a foreigner so her father couldn’t be chosen as the King of Siam. But I thought she enjoyed herself much more as a Prince’s daughter without lofty royal title.



The express boat stopped at the well known Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) which used to be always crowded with tourists. My old school friend in Singapore was so enchanted by the sunset at this temple that he did an oil painting from his photo. He told me it reminded him of the good old day when I took him to a restaurant opposite the temple to watch the sunset. I already forgotten that young day of time past. How we often forgot what we did for others and remembered the good things friends did for me. I still remembered all the meals my friends had treated me in the past. Memories seemed to be working in strange way for me.



I was so surprised to see two Japanese looking tourists in traditional Thai costume on the boat. So I had to ask them where they came from and why they were in Thai costumes. They turned out to be Chinese, educated in the US, and came to Thailand for a holiday. They rented Thai costumes so that they could take nice photos for their social media blogs.


There are costume shops near the Grand Palace and a small one at Wat Arun. They looked so beautiful in Thai costumes. Then I found out that several net idols from Korea and Indian tourists liked to take period photos at famous temples in Bangkok. This seemed to be a very nice way to make Thai youngsters began to be less Westernised and more understanding of their cultural roots. These beautiful ladies were very friendly and let me take their photos on the pier.


I got off the boat to check out the newly renovated roads around the Grand Palace. It was cordoned off to the public during the past two years. Now these roads seemed to become walking street to encourage more tourism. But I couldn’t see any Chinese guided tours yet. The whole area looked very neat and clean with lots of orchids decorated on old trees.





The atmosphere was strange and it made me feeling kind a tourist. The lighting was very nice and clear; the day was excellent for walking and taking in the lively atmosphere. Lots of positive vibes were floating in the air.




I went to the ice cream shop opposite the Grand Palace as I had to keep my promise. Almost a year ago, I was checking out the area and needed some cooling ice cream. The shop was closing but the lady was kind enough to let me have a typical fruit lollipop ice cream. I thanked her and told her I would be back to get the home made coconut ice cream next time. At that time, business was still in doldrums and the area looked deserted.




The lady was glad that I kept my words and gave me extra ice cream! That really made my day. I would surely be back there again even though her elderly father was rather too businesslike; I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the kind daughter. I would feel very uncomfortable having a money minded father or mother. The insecurity and fear would be too unhealthy for a simple lifestyle.




This trip to walk about the old Palace had turned out to be learning process for me as it had stirred up memories of old friends and families; what could have been different had we chosen a different path. Young tourists following their longing and were able to fulfill their wishes while my old friend had to endure a hard life in Singapore nowadays. Only had he listened to my advice, he would be living here in comfort.



The elderly Chinese shopkeeper reminded me of my cousins who always chased after big money projects. A friendly monk used to tell me to let go as each person has his own karmic accumulations from many past lives; these karmic outcomes would have to play out through time. Only people who could become righteous and accumulate lots good karma (actions or deeds) may be able to lessen the impact of their negative karma or mitigate the impact.



I often asked myself why I could just live life as most people by not having to reflect on all the stimulants hitting my brain. “Yeah, everything is in the mind.” So, I have better get back to following my breath and practice mindfulness before I reached the moon with my fuzzy thoughts.




Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

#marketfriday hosted by the wonderful @dswigle.

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