Market Friday: countryside views from my train journey.

The last few days have been very testing as my mental blocks had to go through the process of liberation. It’s a bit like my train journey to the north which took us through the concrete jungles to greener pastures and wide open sky in the countryside. The habitual perception and comforting worldview of a city dweller have been challenged by all the strange and unusual vista of the other dimension of reality. Initially I thought traveling by train would be quite boring but it turned out to be very educational and enriching for my inner journey.

The photos taken from inside the train were not very clear as the glass panels were not properly cleaned or rarely cleaned. When the sunshine was very strong with blue sky, some photos could turn out rather nice. I often fell asleep during the whole day train journey so I would miss the best part of the journey sometimes. But the onset of early rainy season has turned green brown countryside into rich green colour. The brown fields have turned into green fields while in some lower areas the fields have turned into ponds. There has been more rain storm everyday last week so people are now very worried about flooding into villages and some city centers.

Villagers whose ancestors have learned to live with seasonal flooding during three months would learn to live with being surrounded by flood. Houses along the river would be built on high poles with rowing boats tied to the stairs. They would have fresh water supply and dried food for three months and take up fishing to earn some income. People who live in city centers would suffer the most during sudden flooding as they wouldn’t have enough time to transfer their cars and belongings to higher ground. They never thought that floods could reach inner city areas. This week has seen several cases of unexpected flooding in several cities.

Looking at the flooded fields along the way, I could tell this year could be another bad year for farmers and people who had very tight budgets. I would pray and hope that the rain water would travel fast downstream towards the sea. This year, all the dams would be able to accumulate enough water for next year’ dry season. Last year, several provinces did suffer from severe drought and crop failure became a big problem. Luckily the early arrival of rainy season did save several farmers’ livelihood.

My mind seemed to be a receptor of ideas, thoughts and reflections which came flowing into the brain during my train journey. As I didn’t have a particular task to focus on the train, my mind has opened up like radar which could absorb all kinds of information and thoughts about the past, present and future at the same time. It was like having three televisions running at the same time. But I could switch my attention to a specific television which had interesting program. So, the green fields led me to ask some questions about how the same area looked like fifty years ago. What would happen to these fields in ten years? I could never stop thinking or receiving ideas or messages from the air; that’s how strange ideas came to my mind sometimes.

The mountains seemed so far away as if they wanted to keep a safe distance from people. Yet so navy mountains had been demolished for building materials during the last fifty years. I thought about the wildlife and animals which were lost during the detonation for rocks and minerals on these mountains. Yet those preserved mountains still maintained their hidden energies and seemed to exude powerful vibes to nourish their surroundings. Wild animals should be safe under the protection of Mother Nature and those mountains.

The most impressive show of nature wound be drastic cloudscape in the blue sky. Sometimes the rainy clouds offered an alternative display of clouds in different moods. Surprisingly, the weather on two sides of the train could be totally different as if there were two different realities at the same time. On one dude the sky would be sunny and full of white clouds while the other side of the sky looked like rain storm would arrive sooner. I wondered how the sun could be partly switched off to create dual reality.

So, my life happened to follow these weather patterns and cycles too. Many contradictory phases in my life were just like the parallel weather systems on both sides of the train. Life could look quite crazy and strange at times. Like the train, I just have to run along the rail track so that I could arrive at my destination. Perseverance and patience were highly appreciated as they ardently kept me company throughout the rough journey. I asked the sky what my future would be like in the long term. I heard a elders voice softly telling me to rest assured that my future would be fine and that I should be brave amidst future uncertainty and looming chaos. The train journey represented an important phase of my life as I could feel the turning point in the near future. I just hope and pray for all the protection and guidance including the strength to survive through a testing time next year.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

#marketfriday by @dswigle

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