Happy Caturday: weekend with my orange cats.

This past week I was stuck in two dimensions of realities. I was very glad to have some quality time with my cats. In the evening after their dinner, I would take them for a run around the garden. They liked to be chased around trees and Kwan would climb up trees to escape from being catched. She could run very fast like a galloping horse. Joan would not run around so much. He preferred to sit on the wall observing the nearby fields.



When I went for my cycling exercise, I would ask my cats to guard the house for me. When I came back, they would still be sitting at the same spots on the front yard looking out towards the gate. I had to thank them properly so that they would feel free to wander around sniffing bushes. They tended to me more curious in the evening; Kwan would sniff and dig around plants. Joan would be sitting on the wall observing the nearby fields. I didn’t realise that his eyesight was so sharp that he could see field mice at night from twenty meters away.



Joan jumped down from the wall and walked quietly across the dirt road to explore the field. After twenty minutes, he came back with a big field mouse in his mouth. It was so big the the mouse was dangling on the ground. I told him that he did very well and asked him to go behind the bush for privacy. Kwan was not interested in field mouse, so she just ignored her brother. I was quite surprised by Joan’s hunting instinct which could be handy in times of difficulty. My gardener told me that Kwan liked to go vegetable garden to hunt for small birds once a week. So, two cats went on solitary hunting session.



After breakfast, Joan would be looking for his napping spot. He would sleep peacefully all day. Lately Kwan went for her morning nap somewhere else. We saw her running from the vegetable garden towards the house. I did walk around the garden but I still couldn’t find her new hiding place. But by afternoon, Kwan would be coming in for her snack so I would put her close to her brother. I would like to see them being close and loving towards each other as always.



Luckily, Kwan adored her brother and would lick and gloom her brother everyday. These orange cats continued to be very warm hearted and closely united as a team. So, I asked the land spirit and guardians to look after fat orange cats for me while I had to get back in the city. I was very grateful for having the chance to look after these cats since they were tiny kittens.



Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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