Happy Caturday: orange cat was very ill for three days.

Things happened, unexpectedly one orange cat had gone missing for two days while I was away. My gardener didn’t tell me about this. But I could feel something was going a missed so I prayed to the land spirits to look after my cats for me. Kwan turned up in the afternoon before my arrival at the farmhouse. I didn’t notice anything unusual until the following day. Then, I asked my gardener what had happened. She told me that the smaller cat had been chasing little birds in the fields; she probably lost her way while running after the birds. She came back with watery eyes and tears were running down her face.

The second day, I noticed Kwan didn’t eat her food and she started having a fever. So, I just let her sleep all day. By the evening she was very weak and refused to eat or drink. That raised an alarm and I had to inspect her thoroughly. Both eyes were red that’s why she refused to open her eyes. The fever was getting much higher and she had no strength to hold her body straight. I decided not to take her to the vet as she would get stressed out and I didn’t really trust all the chemical injections these vets liked to apply to sick animals. So, I had to heal my cat by my own methods which I had used for sick people before.

Several months ago, a friend suffered from severe blood clots in her leg as a result of the poisonous injection. She went to see three doctors who didn’t have a clue about the adverse effects of the injections which had been widely published on alternative platforms. I knew I had to learn to make CDS as soon as practicable. I could feel that my cats would need this medicine in the future too. After doing lots of readings and research, I had the confidence and I should experiment with this stuff promptly. This solution could save someone’s life.

After two weeks of experimenting with CDS on myself and saw how it had improved my health and got rid of my excess weight, improved skin and disappearance of rashes. I gave my friends two big bottles; she reported back with joy that the leg was no longer swollen and she could walk properly. The detox process worked nicely and her bowels began to work properly. She told me that her mind felt much clearer and lighter too. But I never used this solution with small cats before. After doing some more research, people had successfully heal dogs and cats with severe illness. However I had to experiment with the concentration and quantity effective for a small cat.

I had to increase the concentration of the solution on the second day as Kwan’s temperature was still quite high. She slept for two days without eating or drinking. So, the solution I gave her every two hours would supply her with water intake. Her eyes’ infection had much reduced on the third day; she could open her eyes and the temperature reduced to my relief. She began to lick some wet food but she still didn’t have any appetite. On the fourth day, I took her to the lawn and she walked around and enjoyed the warm sunshine.

I was so glad that Kwan recovered from her illness within four days; she lost almost one kilo! She seemed much lighter and smaller to me touch. I continued to give her CDS solution for three times a day just to make sure the virus infection was totally gone. On the fifth day, she began to live a normal and more active life once again. I was very glad to see her bright eyes and playful behaviour again. I even tested her by putting her on the cork tree. She seemed to enjoy digging her claws on the the bark and shook the whole tree. Kwan even came down the tree by herself. She’s now active and healthy as usual; she seemed to be putting on weights again!

Meanwhile, her brother Joan was sleeping alone on my bed. I did ask him to look after her sister; but he felt that it’s better to let Kwan sleeping undisturbed. It’s good to see the two orange cats sitting on the wall at night, acting like security guards once again. Her eyes have become clearly healthy and she seemed to get over her illness completely. I told her not to go chasing all these birds again as it rained everyday. She could get her bad flu quite easily in this wet and damp weather. I hope Kwan would not go hunting little birds in the rain again.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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