Caturdy:orange cats are getting lazy.

I was so pleased to be back to the countryside to be with my orange cats for a whole week. Though there was so much work to do in the garden and around the house, my cats kept me company when I was cutting grasses in the evening. I guessed they felt much more secured to be playing around the fields and garden in my presence. They had seen how I empty handedly chased all those big German dogs away from the fence. But these impolite dogs had their revenge by poohing in front of the gate at night!

I have discovered that the sister cat, Kwan was quite fond of hunting little birds. My gardener told me she found bird’s feathers in the tall grasses in the nearby field. We thought it was the big cat, Joan, who was the hunter. But yesterday my gardener caught Kwan pouncing on the sparrow and had her meal. She returned to the house to have a good rest after that little snack. I told my gardener to tell Kwan that killing birds was bad karma; she couldn’t understand the word ‘karma’. How could one explain Buddhist teaching to orange cats?!

I still tried to reduce their food and snacks hoping that they would lose some weights. Both cats have expanded in width and length, I was afraid they would soon look like little pigs or baby hippos. People who came to the house thought they were both pregnant cats! They surprised me one night when they had a noisy quarrel on the staircase. I always thought they didn’t know how to have a noisy scolding match as we never let other cats to stage a fight inside our garden. I didn’t want them to copy bad examples. But they didn’t actually fight each other which was a relief. The shouting match was quite loud and powerful. I couldn’t find out what were the causes of the conflicts

Luckily I could separate the cats easily; I took Kwan to their table and told her to stay close and loving to her one family member. I told her she used to have six members in her orange family and only two of them were all I had in the house. After ten minutes Joan came inside and I carried Kwan to make up with Joan. They started to gloom each other and had forgotten all about their quarrel. I was glad they had short memory and didn’t hold any grudges. Orange cats liked to sleep close to each other and Kwan was always glooming her brother.

Although I gave them separate food bowls; Joan always let Kwan shared his food. These cats could share food by taking turn in eating; they were very kind and generous. Most stray cats the at the temple always growled and threatened other cats from coming near their food. Joan has stopped hunting for field mice after I told him that it was enough and thanked him for bringing mouses to me in the past. He tried so hard to please me that he often went into the field in the dark for hours to catch a mouse. Now I had to talk to Kwan about hunting small birds.

I am very lucky to have two very good natured cats with sensitivity and consideration. They always tried so hard not to wake me up even though they really needed to go the toilet. I had to tell them several times that it’s alright to meow loudly to wake me up. These cats sometimes looked at me in a funny way, I wished I could read their thoughts at times. Meanwhile I hope to be able to continue looking after these orange cats and keep them safe and happy for many years.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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