Beautiful Sunday: cool walk along the river and mind drifting.

These four days have slipped by without any warning. I was supposed to do my previous day’s tasks but I found myself having to do two days’ tasks in one day. That’s life! The unexpected and unplanned could always pop up to test your stamina and cool head. I decided to enjoy life first and went out for my walk by the river. Sometimes I tried to finish my trimming work before having a rest. By the time I got to the river, the sun had gone behind the horizon. In winter months the sunset started an hour faster than the last two months. I had to carry my small torch along, just in case.

The mood along the river has changed a lot as the water level has also receded by three meters. The dry winter season has arrived which will make life more difficult for those fishermen and my gardener. She liked to go fishing once or twice a week. Once you have tasted fresh water fish; you would be quite reluctant to eat fish from fish farms where chemicals could be found in fish food. I did notice the different vibes during daylight and period just after the sunset. The river has become more guarded and defensive. It was as if Mother Nature was trying to give me a warning message.

The change of overall energy in this area also alarmed me somewhat. I became uneasy and wary of bad news in the near future. Whenever I had this sort of unsettling feeling plus some tingling of sadness, I knew I had to be prepared for sudden changes. I lost my orientation of reality for a while as if I was floating in mid-air while I was trying to ground myself on earth.

It took me a while to become attentive and centered once again. Perhaps the long train journey had affected my brain and balance. It’s back to trying to maintain mindfulness and just observe all the fuzzy thoughts arising and dying in my mind. Though I realised that something was definitely transfiguring or transforming behind the curtain of this dimension of reality, I needed to keep my cool head and firmness.

I always have a firm trust in Mother Nature that she would look after us and give me reasonable warnings before the actual emergency situation. I did have several warnings in the past and had manage to safe some old school friend and his family from serious riots in his neighbourhood. I told them to pack up and leave the house for several weeks as there would be sudden riots and all the roads in that area would be blocked. Later that week, my friend phoned me from their beach house in Hua Hin to tell me that things were worse than they expected.

All the electricity supply was cut off and people had to barricade themselves inside their houses for over a week. My friends’ cousins refused to take my advice and they were all stuck without electricity or fresh food the whole week. I was afraid some similar vibes were coming back to give me advance warning warning about the near future.

This time the message was not precisely clear as there was so much panic and fear surrounding this package of fuzzy vibes. Perhaps it wasn’t alllowed to be transparent as that would interfere with karmic timeline and cycles of human beings on earth. I realised that I was also a messenger to warn some people with lots of good karma so that they could survive what’s coming in the future. Perhaps I just have to learn to let go and accept ‘what is’ without trying to change things as I thought as being acceptable. This time I became anxious and concerned about so many people I had known, families’ members and several old friends. Most of them wouldn’t listen to my words of premonitions. So, I continue to walk quietly along the river seeking soothing calmness and healing vibes from Mother Nature and the old river. I continue to pray and do my walking meditation in the evening to clear my mind of all negativity; so much compassion and healing are needed in this world.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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