A beautiful restaurant on our way back to home

I shared about my trip to jaipur two days ago , i was not able to share anything about the trip as there was no internet connection.

The locals there told that the internet as cut due to some sort of examination going on. Anyways now as we are our of Jaipur the network is fine.

Below is the bus you can see in which we were traveling.


On our way back to home we also stopped at few places for getting fresh and eating something.

we stopped at one of the restaurants as well. You can see the restaurant below , it was located at beautiful place though the food there was expensive but as we were hungry we just bought something for us.



We bought tea for all of us traveling together.


There was a garden attached to the restaurant that was giving it a more beautiful look. The environment around was no doubt really good.


Now we are finally back home and will share lots of thing from our trip in coming post. I will share something and i hope my hubby will be sharing some fantastic blogs as well.

I will now take rest , good night.
Thank you.

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