The Downside of Knowledge


In my personal experience, the fact that I'm always looking for knowledge, that I'm always updating myself, studying about the most varied subjects that cover not only photography, but philosophy, politics, religion, technology, can cause immense anguish in me.

Anguish, because today there are few people willing to go further and deeper like me in search of knowledge, I don't find people to discuss these issues and when I talk to someone about what I've learned, I'm seen almost as an "alien", a person out of reality and this causes many to confuse the fact that I have arguments with arrogance, superiority or lack of charity.

This has already made many turns away from me. I lost count of how many "friends" I lost by simply having exposed my knowledge.

Knowledge, for me, is a great defense. With knowledge, I have conviction in what I believe, in my faith. But unfortunately, knowledge also causes me a lot of anguish, suffering and isolation.

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