Half-Truths of a Pandemic


In this COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot in any way define something as an ABSOLUTE TRUTH, because everything is actually "half-truths", and "half-truths" are "half-lies".

As I said in this post worth checking out The Truths About the Truth, I wrote it based on the philosophy about what would be the truth and what are the characteristics that define a truth.

As a reminder, here are some of these points:

  1. Truth is one.
  2. Truth is universal.
  3. Truth does not change.
  4. Truth is objective.

Following the line of thought above, it is easy to understand that the "truths about the pandemic", which are told by the media, some media experts, politicians, are in themselves lies.

It is a fact that Covid 19 is a hitherto unknown disease, which has variants and conclusive studies are still lacking to determine the correct treatment against the disease.

But, science has evolved a lot. Today, we go to the space very ease, for example. Therefore, it is expected of science (true science, without political and economic interests as we see during this pandemic), certainty and objectivity of what it is talking about (4. The truth is objective).

What we are seeing is a sudden change every day in the opinions of the media, experts and politicians on what actions are effective against COVID-19 (3. Truth does not change). Social distancing, lockdown, vaccines, masks have already been tested and none of these actions have had concrete results. The truth is this.

What we're seeing in real life, the REAL TRUTH is that all that measures only made the poor poorer, increased unemployment, hunger, social inequality and increased cases of mental problems, depression, etc.

In the newspapers, the WHO changes every day about when the pandemic will end. Now, they say that the "The pandemic is far from over".

This is worrying and opens the door to many conspiracy theories, and it's all the fault of the WHO, the traditional media, a few "experts" and politicians thirsty for money and power.

After all, what is the truth or truths about the pandemic? That's the question that remains.

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