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Yes, am talking to you reading this post, what have you done for POB??. Are you among those who are only concerned with what they will benefit from Proof of brain, caring less on what they will offer back in return to the platform?
Do you appreciate the fact that proof of brain has offered you the opportunity to generate a reward for your write-up? , How quickly have you forgotten those periods you used to waste time on social media like Facebook without anything to show for it ?.

To you, a lower-level user, don't bit the finger that is feeding you by spamming the platform with low-quality posts just to earn tokens. You don't need to be at a higher level before you can be of help to POB.
Don't be greedy not to invite your friends to POB, especially those of them who are wasting their time on various social media platforms that earn them nothing.
How do you engage in other people's posts especially those that are of high quality? , Do you just read and pass without adding comments to encourage the writer? Will you be happy to see zero comments on a post you spent hours drafting ?. Let us have a change of action towards our activities here so that the platform can grow stronger.

To you a higher-level user, why do you feel too big to support low-level users at least with words of encouragement, corrections, and guidelines that will help them survive on the platform? Each time you drop a post, you witness turns of newbies running to upvoted your post while hoping for recognition, how well do you encourage them after seeing their comments? , Do you try to visit their blog to see how they are doing, or are you busy watching the reward you earn grow?

**We have ways with which we can help the platform, we just need to take POB AS OUR HOME. Then can we see maximum growth in the platform.

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