The Silent Sounds_ (An Original Poetry)


The drum's calls,
pounding perpendicularly
in harmony;
the heart; beating,
palpitating and throbbing
it sends a kindred monophony
as ancient gongs
and primeval flutes
challenges the bottom,
to meaningless wriggle
of the spirit's dance.

I can hear the summons
of the skylarks
it allures me,
to the whistling
of the tree's dancing
I could listen,
to the endless musings,
as it thrills
like the symphony
of a thousand harp!

Like magic,
it feels like a force,
in my very soul,
like half a song!
aligning to make me whole,
in a moment,
the world is born anew!
cleansed by the chanting
of drunken men!

The bellows' of the ocean
signals to me,
fascinating as a new moon,
in a daydream,
It moans and bawls
like a herd of weary bulls
it puts me in a trance,
as a thrilled soldier,
drawn to the enchantment
of a siren song.

In a state of ecstasy,
I am dazed,
stunned and bewildered,
fighting strange cultures,
and a thousand urge
to drown myself
In the alien melodies,
stabbing through me
like a headlight,
peering through the darkness!



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